Dragontown’s response to covid-19 (coronavirus)

Response to covid-19 (coronavirus)

Corona Virus Covid-19  Microbiology And Virology Concept

The outbreak of covid-19 (coronavirus) has caused a worldwide pandemic and has had a significant impact. This is a serious situation that requires everyone to stick together strongly and do their jobs well. We already know that one of the most effective ways to stop a virus from spreading is to keep as much social distance as possible.

Starting from February 18, 2020, our Zhongshan factory was resume to work after the Government on site inspection. We provided 1 - 2 pieces of mask for all our workers and staffs per day, which to make sure all of them must be well protected. We also keep following the Government epidemic prevention arrangement, and do our best to kill the disease as soon as we can.

We believe the epidemic disease will be under control in a short time, so that we can back to our normal life soon.

Steen Borgholm executive