Dragontown’s response

About The Response


The outbreak of covid-19 (coronavirus) has caused a worldwide pandemic and has had a significant impact. This is a serious situation that requires everyone to stick together strongly and do their jobs well. We already know that one of the most effective ways to stop a virus from spreading is to keep as much social distance as possible. Therefore, Hong Kong longcheng enterprise and zhongshan xinchuangjian electric appliance co., ltd. have taken several steps to protect our employees and customers.

Starting March 18, we decided to temporarily close our stores in Europe, the United States, Canada, Turkey, India and panama.

Our online store taobao. Alibaba remains in business, and we remain committed to providing the best service to our customers. There may be some delay in delivery due to increased demand from our logistics partners in recent days and due to concerns about the health of their employees. For the market areas that we do not sell online, please visit our taobao mall or alibaba global.ecco.com to view the tower fan, swan fan, electric heater, etc.

We will do all we can to help our customers in other areas when they need help. We will follow the advice of healthcare providers and international health organizations.

For the offices, if necessary. We encourage employees to work from home and, for those who must travel to the office, must follow health and hygiene guidelines to reduce any health risks.

The severity of the covid-19 virus is still unknown, and we pay great tribute to those who are currently dealing with this medical emergency.

We hope that everyone can follow the guidelines of the world health organization (WHO) and pay more attention to their health and the communities they live in

Our thoughts are with everyone affected around the world.

Jones Li Executive chairman