Product Name:DC Desk Fan

Model No:DF18D

Unit Size:160x129x270mm

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20' GP-4000 pcs

40' GP-8000 pcs

40' HQ-9000 pcs


Black, Red, Green, Orange, Blue, etc.


Elegant clever

Turn your hand to the wind and control it

Low noise air supply, stable and strong wind source

Model No


Unit Size


Loading Qty

20' GP-4000 pcs

40' GP-8000 pcs

40' HQ-9000 pcs




  • 3 speeds setting (low&middle&high)
  • LED light(low&high)
  • Working time 4-13H(without LED light)
  • Oscillation function (left and right)(35 degree)
  • Adjustable tilt head (up/down)(45 degree)
  • Fan speed up to 5.4m/second(Max.)
  • Battery specification:4000 mAh
  • Charging time:5-7 hours
  • Working power(max.):3.7V / 0.7A
  • Voltage: DC3.7 V / input power:10W / output power:3W


  • Product Name:6 inch DC Desk Fan
  • Model No.:DF-18D
  • Unit Size.:160x129x270mm
  • Product N.W.:0.8kg
  • Voltage (V):3.7V/0.7A
  • Timer:NO
  • Wind mode:Low/Middle/High
  • Speed Choice:3 Speed setting
  • Noise:≤50dB
  • Oscillating Angle:35°


﹡After purchase, open the package and check the fan. Please do not use the product and contact the supplier immediately if any damage is found.
﹡Before using the fan, make sure the rated voltage shown on the specification label is the same as the local supply voltage. If in doubt, you can contact the supplier.
﹡The fan must be operated in accordance with the instructions in the product manual, otherwise it may cause damage to the product, short circuit, fire or loss of life. Please use a separate socket. Use of universal plug or drag board, easy to dangerous.
﹡Do not pull the power cord when pulling out the plug. Hold the plug tightly and pull it out.
﹡This product is not intended for use by persons with physical, sensory or intellectual disabilities (including children) or those who lack experience and knowledge, unless they are supervised or directed by a person in charge of safety.
﹡This fan is not suitable for outdoor and industrial use.
﹡Do not place the fan near the source of heat or fire.
﹡Do not use in wet or wet environments. Do not place fans on bathtubs or large containers.
﹡The power plug must be removed before cleaning. If the power cord is damaged, stop using the machine immediately and send it to the designated maintenance center for inspection and repair.